Our department is an administrative execution unit executing the computer, network and communication services of the university and the department works as affiliated to the General secretary within the institution organization structure.

The Information Processing department is located on the lower floor of the central building and it realizes its services at an area of totally 200 m². 

The Bingöl University information processing department (BÜBİDB) has started its activities in the year of  2007. The Bingöl University information processing department generally generates its solutions with the Open Source Projects. With this method, all used server software can be used only by giving the hardware costs. Our department plans its works for generating the projects that will make the Bingöl University well-managed e-university. All of the works realized are added to the central information system and the e-university project is expanded.

The department is obliged to present the services planned in a way that will provide the optimum benefit to all students and our personnel in their training and academic studies by following most updated technologies. It tries to give the contemporary service by using the latest informatics technologies to approximately 13.000 students and 800 personnel and presents the e-mail, web, library accession, server, software, technical service and office services to the university students and personnel and all departments. The domestic and abroad introduction of our university is provided in the most mature level with the internet and web services presented under the responsibility of our department and while significant savings are provided in the budget of our university and state with the software, maintenance and technical services that we have realized, the great contributions are also provided to being transparent and ordered of the administrative functioning.

Our activities being executed for the purposes of increasing the quality and effectiveness in the service presentation are mainly as follows; 

1. Providing the installation and robust operations of the computers

2. Presenting the computer network to the service robustly and by arranging it in a way being protected against all kinds of dangers

3. Presenting effective services as much as possible by benefitting from the technological devices and via the software in the academic and administrative operations

4. Executing robustly and uninterruptedly the web pages designs and e-mail operations in the meaning of openness of our university and students and personnel to the external world

5. Providing the technical support that will make the first intervention to the faulty devices and network units

6. Providing the technical and administrative support related to our issue when required to the academic units

7. Implementing the brand-new issues among the universities and departments as being an example department in the technology and implementation. 

8. Giving transparency and speed to the decision making mechanisms regarding the functioning of the university

9. Getting the precautions that will make the campus life easier for the students and personnel and realizing the projects and applications for this purpose

10. Being in cooperation with the public and private institutions and organizations, following the updated ones of the local and foreign resources

OUR MISSION: The mission of our department is to realize the service that our university needs in the field of informatics by meeting its network, software and hardware requirements as rapidly and uninterruptedly by using the most developed technologies and international standards, making complete and full contributions in this field to the scientific works of our academicians and to the education of our students and also to provide supports to the business development processes of the administrative units with the same way.

OUR VISION: The vision of our department is to increase the service quality that we will present by gaining to our university the most developed technologies which are possible to be implemented in the whole world and to realize the applications regarding the generation of the projects that will make contributions to our university in the education, implementation and research activities and raise our institution to the pioneering condition in its field by increasing the total quality in addition to the realization of the services mentioned in our mission in an increasing effectiveness.


As Bingöl University Information Processing Department, our policy is; It is based on the value we give to people and therefore to our employees and students. Our primary goal is to provide all our students and staff with services planned in a way that will provide optimum benefit in their education and academic studies by following the most up-to-date technologies.

In accordance with these purpose

  • To develop social responsibility projects that act with the principle of social sensitivity, act sensitively as the conscience and voice of the society,
  • To train individuals who produce up-to-date information and technology for national and international institutions and are preferred primarily
  • Focusing on success in teamwork based on stakeholder satisfaction,
  • To provide a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment,
  • We undertake as our policy to contribute to the development of our country by implementing the relevant legislation and standards, adopting sustainable development, and crowning our success by constantly improving the content and quality of education, training, research and social activities.

Our activities:

  • Ensuring the installation and healthy operation of computers
  • Arranging and putting the computer network into service in a healthy way and protected from all kinds of danger
  • Providing services as efficiently as possible by using software and technological devices in academic and administrative processes
  • To carry out web page designs and e-mail operations in a healthy and uninterrupted way in terms of opening our university and students and staff to the outside world.
  • To provide technical support to make the first response to defective devices and network units
  • Providing technical and administrative support to academic units when necessary
  • To implement the firsts between universities and units as an exemplary unit in technology and practice.
  • To increase transparency and speed in university operation and decision-making mechanisms.
  • To take measures to make campus life easier for students and staff, to carry out projects and applications for this purpose
  • To be in cooperation with public and private institutions and organizations, to follow the latest from domestic and foreign sources


Our Purpose and Goals:

  • The IT Department is a resource efficient unit. Ensuring optimum use of financial, time and physical (space, hardware, server, etc.) resources.
  • To ensure that our devices in the system hall of our flat and the hall are renewed and backed up in accordance with technological developments.
  • To produce and update the computer software needed by the administrative and academic units of our university.
  • To prepare User Policy and Information Security Policy regarding Information Security,
  • To organize awareness-raising events with the content of "Personal Information Security, Protection Methods, Information Security Laws of TCK and Our Responsibilities, Malware and Protection Methods",
  • Detection of computers infected with malicious software (virus, trojan, worm, turtle, etc.) throughout the Campus.
  • To provide WEB service to all units of our university,
  • Providing the necessary convenience to the users for the preparation of web pages by establishing the design and infrastructure of corporate web page templates
  • To increase our contribution in the detection and development of information systems used in the university.
  • Improving our existing services according to the changing needs of users and technological developments.
  • To maximize the rate of users benefiting from our services.
  • To ensure the participation of the Presidency personnel in vocational qualification seminars and trainings.
  • To send our personnel to purpose-built seminars and courses in order not to become inadequate in terms of service over time due to constantly developing technological, professional, social and environmental conditions.


Web Services

  • The services carried out by the Web Services Unit of our Department are as follows:
  • Producing solutions to the problems of the web content responsible in the units.
  • Giving necessary trainings for the website and applications prepared for the units.
  • Designing all prepared documents and information in such a way that they can be easily accessed.
  • Carrying out the necessary infrastructure works for the preparation of the web pages needed by the academic and administrative units of our university.
  • Taking necessary measures to protect web services against all kinds of unauthorized access and similar threats.
  • Keeping the web page up to date.


Network and System Management

  • Services carried out by the Network and System Management Unit of our Department are as follows:
  • Providing, arranging and maintaining the physical installation of campus network infrastructure.
  • Establishing the necessary hardware and software infrastructure for the healthy implementation of central network management, determining and updating the software versions of existing active devices.
  • Continuous monitoring of internet usage traffic in the central system, analysis and reporting of errors, performance monitoring of active devices and providing dynamics by operating on problematic points.
  • Organization of IP addresses and network security.
  • Ensuring that the network structure of the institution is active and working.
  • Elimination of system malfunctions occurring in the institution and the unit.
  • Preparation of projects related to network infrastructure.
  • Opening and management of e-mail accounts.
  • Maintenance, repair and system / physical installation of servers under the responsibility of system management service.
  • Taking periodic backups of the servers under the responsibility of the system management service.
  • Performing hardware and software research and tests on how the servers, which are under the responsibility of the system management service, will work most efficiently.
  • Periodically checking the servers and the services provided, and responding as soon as possible in case of problems.
  • Determination and implementation of user authentication and other security policies
  • EBYS, Web server data and general user data management.
  • Determination and management of firewall policies.
  • Management of system servers, determination and implementation of system security policies.


Technical services

  • The services carried out by the Technical Services Unit of our Department are as follows:
  • Performing computer laboratory installation studies, repairing and updating hardware failures in computers in laboratories.
  • Installations and operation of computers and peripherals to be used by personnel.
  • Uploading the required programs to the computers in line with the demands of the users.
  • Carrying out necessary cabling work in network installation works.
  • In case of network malfunctions, checking the connection path and doing the necessary work to eliminate the malfunction.
  • Re-installing the operating system on computers as a result of users' operating system change requests or system failures in computers.
  • Updating antivirus, java and internet browser programs.
  • Computers, laptops, printers, monitors, etc. registered in the inventory of our university. troubleshooting of devices.
  • Performing hardware and software update studies on computers.
  • Providing training to technical personnel working in other units of our university, upon request. Preparation of documents to be used in training.


Administrative Services

  • The services carried out by the Administrative Services Unit of our Department are as follows:
  • Making internal and inter-institutional correspondence on matters concerning our Department.
  • Sending the Qualified Electronic Certificate Application Forms submitted to our Unit by the academic and administrative staff of our university to be used in electronic signature, to the Public Certification Center.
  • Making smart cards for academic staff, administrative staff and students who are authorized to spend money and have door entry-exit authorization within the campus of Bingöl University.
  • Sending the attendance tracking list reports of the administrative staff working in the Departments and Academic Units of our university to the e-mail addresses of the relevant managers.
  • Making the salary transactions of the personnel working in our Department.
  • Entering the education status changes and level and degree progress information of the personnel working in our Department into the Public Expenditure Management System.
  • Making deduction notifications for the personnel working in our Department.
  • Providing clothing aid to the personnel working in our Department.
  • Archiving the personal files of the personnel working in our Department.
  • Signing the dismissal forms of academic and administrative staff leaving our university.
  • Carrying out the secretarial work of the head of the department.